James Fitzjames Fraser West (jamesfraserwest) wrote,
James Fitzjames Fraser West

Saturday 27th January 1883

Very wet and stormy. Gave William Swinbourne1 notice to leave this day fortnight, and engaged Daniel Hermisan, an old man of 60 who had been 18 years with Mr J Steed of Northfield. Went to A G in the morning. Home to dine and in the afternoon to Solihull to see Miss Dickens who has returned from the asylum but little improved and then on to WW Richards, Olton, where I spent the eve. He much worried with Fraser coal troubles though still buying Bretts and Holls!

1. Evidently a servant of the Wests'.

Tags: acock's green, coal mining, finances, miss dickens, northfield, olton, servants, solihull, weather

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