James Fitzjames Fraser West (jamesfraserwest) wrote,
James Fitzjames Fraser West

That's all, folks!

So with West dead and buried, that really does bring us to the end of his story, and the final post in this blog. I'd like to say many thanks to all of you for reading, commenting and just generally participating in the last few months of West's life. And, of course, if you would like to know more about him and his world, let me remind you before we wrap things up about my mother's full-length biography of him: A Victorian Surgeon. A Biography of James Fitzjames Fraser West 1833-83, Birmingham Surgeon, by Geraldine M. Goodman (2007).

It's available via Brewin Books or Amazon, or if you live in Birmingham there are also hard copies available in places like the Botanical Gardens gift shop or the Barber Institute. Just ask if you need any more help finding it!

All best, and thanks again for helping to make this project so worthwhile.


Tags: background information, biography

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