James Fitzjames Fraser West (jamesfraserwest) wrote,
James Fitzjames Fraser West

Wednesday 30th May 1883

Birmingham Daily Post and Journal, 30 May, 1883

The funeral of the late Mr. J. F. West, of the Hagley Road, senior honorary surgeon to the Queen's Hospital, took place yesterday afternoon, at Hall Green. A large number of professional gentlemen attended the ceremony to pay a last mark of respect to one who during his residence in Birmingham had been so greatly esteemed. The mourners were the three sons of the deceased, and several intimate friends - viz., Messrs W West, C West, and J West; F. W. Robinson, J. Kershaw, S. Balden, G. Yates, J. W. Daniell, J. C. Onions, E. T. Grimley, T. Webley, and C. Green and W. N. Fisher, the executors. The funeral party left the deceased's house, in the Hagley Road, about a quarter to twelve o'clock, the following also being in the procession:- Mr. W. S. Mann, Dr. Jordan Lloyd, Dr. Sprotson, Dr. Suffield, Mr. J. Leah, Mr. T. Reeves, Mr. W. Miller, and the Rev. J. C. Blissard. A number of private carriages followed, including those of the deceased gentleman, Mr. W. S Mann, Dr. Sprotson, Dr. Suffield, Mr. W. Holliday, Mr. J. C. Onions, Mr. W. Graham, Mr. J. St. S. Wilders, Dr. Thompson, Mr. Richards (Olton), Mr. J. Garner, Mr. J. Williams, Dr. Jolly, and Mr. Hendwicks. The party proceeded down Islington Row, Bath Row, past the Queen's Hospital, and then to the Stratford Road, arriving at Hall Green Church about half-past one o'clock. The service was conducted by the Rev. J. C. Blissard, of St. Augustine's, and the Rev. R. Jones, vicar of Hall Green. The coffin was of polished oak, with brass furniture, and on the breastplate was the inscription - "James Fitzjames West, died May 24, 1883, aged 49." A large number of beautiful wreaths were taken by friends, to be placed on the grave. Amongst those present at the internment, in addition to those mentioned above, were Dr. Carter and Mr. Priestly Smith, representing the Medical Committee of the Queen's Hospital; Dr. Jolly, Dr. Sanders, Dr. Palmer (Solihull), Dr. Underhill, Dr. Bradford, Dr. Edington, Messrs. J. S. Gamgee, F. Nelson, J. St. S. Wilders, T. Webber, T. H. Smith, T. Read, H. Matchett, J. Hort Player. [sic] Rosten, H. Richards, M. Jones, J. Garner, several students from the Queen's Hospital, Queen's College and General Hospital &c. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Holliday, Son, and Co., of Warwick House, New Street.

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A near-contemporary map showing the route taken by West's funeral cortège.

The main inscription on West's grave.
"In loving memory of
James Fitzjames Fraser West
Born August 25th 1833
Died May 24th 1883."

View of the grave.
Most of the other members of West's family were eventually buried here also, including his mother and his half-sister, Fanny de la Hunt. Their names are inscribed on the flat slab over the top of the grave.

The churchyard.


The church itself.

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