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James Fitzjames Fraser West
The diary of a Victorian Surgeon
Friday 30th March 1883 
30th-Mar-2008 09:10 pm
Writing at desk
Left C[astellammare] at 9 after trying in vain at 2 bankers to get a £10 note changed so losing an hour. The same carriage as yesterday but now with 3 horses drove us to Sorrento - all along the line of the lovely blue Mediterranean wh. in the sunshine looked calm and peaceful. The road resembling the Riviera and is now a very difficult road. Vines and olives are featured along the road. We arrived at Sorrento just too late for the boat for Capri so we spent the day at S[orrento] buying curiosities of one sort or another under the guidance of an old man of 70 who took to us as we entered the place saying that he had acted as guide to all the kings of Europe and when we could not get rid of him. Lunched at H Mardi on a rock over looking the Med. sea but 200 feet above it and where we looked right across the bay to Naples. Explored a large vineyard. Fooled around in a boat for 2 hours looking into various grottoes and finally left at 4 and steamed across to Naples. The view of the city and of Vesuvius grand. Went to Pension d'Orient.

Changed 3rd £10 note at Sorrento - first from Tadie’s store to pay carriage to Sorrento only for 250 lira return.

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