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James Fitzjames Fraser West
The diary of a Victorian Surgeon
Thursday 15th March 1883 
15th-Mar-2008 10:09 pm
Writing at desk
Spent a very bright and happy day. Comfortably lodged and well fed and amused ourselves with the company first of Mr Myers [?] who was staying at the same hotel and who took a long walk with us through the town and then over a hill whence there were exquisite views of the Ligurian Sea. Secondly of Dr Barman [?] whom we met at Monte Carlo and who has a villa here. He brought out some good Capri and was very hospitable and thirdly with Mr Squire, an English clinician on whom I called by chance to get some quince and sorrel for my cough and who turned out to be the husband of Miss Blake, Mrs Davies's protege. He invited us to his house and we saw his wife, a charming young woman, and his little girl aged 7 who was just as roguish and funny as Daisy. We then met a Mr J .... llnworth [?] of Lincoln who had a manufactory at Sienna. In the afternoon we took a 2 horse carriage and had a beautiful drive to Madonna della Guardia, a church on top of a high hill overlooking S Remo and the Med. coast for miles. Olive gardens reach up the hillsides in every direction till the snow line is met and below lemons, oranges. Palms, aloes and cacti grow in profusion, so that S Remo is one of the most lovely spots on this coast; it is however greatly spoiled by their railway running as at Dawlish along the sea shore and so preventing any promenade in front of the sea.

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