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James Fitzjames Fraser West
The diary of a Victorian Surgeon
Saturday 10th March 1883 
10th-Mar-2008 09:40 pm
Writing at desk
Left London at 9.15 and crossed by boat to Boulogne. The day bright and sunny but the wind bitterly cold. We both kept the upper deck and so avoided the sea sickness. Arrived at Paris at 6.30 and then drove to the H de St. Petersburg where we dined with great zest being almost famished. Went to Grand Opera afterwards and saw William Tell finely done, Salomon and Melchissédec in principal parts. It is a magnificent concert house.

Note: up to this point in the diary, the information entered into the 'Location' field has been added by me for reference. However, during his trip abroad, West used underlined headings at the top of each journal entry, to show where he was writing from (you can see an example of pages from this period here). For the next month, then, the location tags are West's work, not mine. PJG.

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