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James Fitzjames Fraser West
The diary of a Victorian Surgeon
Miscellaneous other images 
27th-Oct-2007 09:40 pm
Biography cover
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Cover of Geraldine M. Goodman's biography of James Fitzjames Fraser West

Nineteenth-century surgical instruments

Pompeian wall-painting showing Aeneas being treated for a wound

This painting from the first century AD shows the physician Iapyx removing an arrow-head from the leg of the Trojan prince, Aeneas. His son, Ascanius (or Iulus), weeps by his side, while his mother, Venus, offers healing herbs. The painting is closely based on Virgil, Aeneid XII.383-440.

Music for the B'ham Dramatic Club's Shakespeare Anniversary Dinner the previous year, April 1882

The music is a setting of It Was a Lover and his Lass by William Shakespeare.

Programme for Percy Harrison's last 'Popular Concert', attended by West and his sister in March 1883

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